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Bryan Young

unnamed-200x300I grew up in Cape Girardeau in the 70’s and 80’s

I’m getting back into vinyl. Listening to Steely Dan, Supertramp, Bad Company to the more obscure selections. I think it’s cool when Hollywood releases Soundtracks with the 70’s and 80’s stuff for young people to embrace as “new” to them.

My first concert was the Beach Boys with Chicago!

My Pet Peeves are Bad drivers and those who put others down.

I enjoy Traveling/Camping in RV with family. Love my dogs…Bandit, Loki and River.

My favorite foods are pretty much any meat that comes off the grill…and any other food set in front of me.

The movies I enjoy include science fiction to regular fiction, period action adventure and so on. Pretty much anything the wife doesn’t like.

My first ride was a 1972 Volkswagon Superbeatle, Orange with sunroof. Would love to have it back!